6th April 2020

Cri de Coeur

Yes, that is the title of my new painting: cry of the heart, the person who screams in painful longing for the sun because it threatens to be obscured by a black cloud (coronavirus). Humanity caught (red lines) in this situation. The Rainbow Snake emerges from the blue lake (life) and begins to expel or eat the black cloud. The dark cloud also threatens nature … Read more

The Current Corona Crisis: A Gateway into a Deeper Experience of Jesus’ Passion?

Every time is a time of grace. Even during the current corona crisis, God has not turned off his grace tap. What special grace would He give us during Holy Week this year? The Holy Week celebrations are all delights. We love these refined liturgies. They forge Christian community. Over the centuries, they have been polished and enriched with symbols, songs and gestures. They can … Read more

Corona: Entering into our Own Passion

One of the cruellest aspects of the Coronavirus pandemic seems to be that, at a time when the consolation of human contact is needed by so many more than ever, it is the very thing that we are asked to forego. What form can love take when deprived of its touch, its immediacy, its flesh and bones? How do I still respond compassionately and humanely … Read more

TRUST – A light-hearted take on Pope Francis’ important Urbi et Orbi meditation.  

        TRUST                                (Mk 4,38) Off we go. All aboard ! All agreed, of one accord. See how the fishermen have scored; All big and little fish still stored, Some to eat and some to hoard – Hard work’s happy just reward. Don’t leave the Lord! With him around, our hopes have soared But soon, and not to be ignored, A huge storm came and raged and … Read more

Letter from Missio to Red Box Supporters in England and Wales

These are extraordinary times of self-isolation and physical distancing in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s important to remember that every crisis gives us the opportunity to reflect on what is most important to us in life, reassess our priorities, and discover new ways of loving God and our neighbour. Our Holy Father, Pope Francis, calls us to respond to this crisis of the COVID-19 … Read more

COVID-19 Kenya: Bishops Denounce Police Brutality

The brutality meted out on a section of Kenyans by police officers in their bid to enforce the dawn-to-dusk curfew put in place by the government to curb the spread of COVID-19 has caught the attention of Catholic Bishops who, while condemning the Friday, March 27 episodes, have called on security officers to act with a human face, respecting the dignity of persons. Source: ACIAfrica Read more

Malaysia: Mill Hill Missionaries Livestreaming Eucharist

Although church buildings have been closed and all public gatherings and celebrations have been cancelled in accordance with the decision of the government to restrict public movement as a way to limit the spread of Covid-19, it has not stopped priests in Sarawak from carrying out their pastoral and spiritual activities for the spiritual nourishment of God’s people entrusted to their care. Spiritual activities such … Read more

A Letter from Saint Ignatius

Heaven 14th March 2020, Earth time   Dear people on earth, I see you’re having a hard time finding the right attitude to the coronavirus. That’s not strange. Over the past few decades, science has made such progress that you have come to believe that a solution to every problem can be found in no time. Now it’s becoming clear all over the world that … Read more

Psalm 151 in a time of Coronavirus

What if the psalmist were alive in the age of COVID-19? How would his lamentations speak to the times? This is a question a group of choral singers have tried to answer – with tongue firmly implanted in cheek – in a YouTube video that has gone viral in Britain: “O Lord, to whom ǀ hygiene be longeth: Hear the cry of thy servants when … Read more

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