27th January 2020

‘Light a Candle on 27th January at 15h00’ – Bishops of Europe

“On this anniversary, we appeal to the modern world for reconciliation and peace, for respect for each nation’s right to exist and to freedom, to independence, to maintain its own culture. We cannot allow the truth to be ignored or manipulated for immediate political needs. This appeal is extremely important now, for – despite the dramatic experience of the past – the world in which … Read more

Pakistan: Sindhi Girl, 14, set to Make Legal History

This will not only be the first time a forced conversion and marriage case comes before a High Court in Pakistan, but also the first time the 2014 Child Marriage Restraint Act – which bans marriage with minors – has been applied. Tabassum Yousaf – the lawyer representing Huma, who was reportedly kidnapped by Muslim man Abdul Jabbar last October – told Catholic charity Aid … Read more

Uganda Tops Hospitality for Migrants League in Africa

Today, some 941,000 refugees fleeing from violence and poverty in their home countries come to Uganda, making it the largest refugee-hosting country in the region. They mostly come from South Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Somalia where there has been protracted violence, according to the migration officer. “It is difficult to understand why there has been a protracted crisis in countries in … Read more

The Philippines: Taal Volcano Eruption – Unenviable Plight of Aged and Persons with Disabilities

Before going back to Casay, I visited the evacuation center where the aged and PWDs are being housed. These evacuees in Sacred Heart School of Recoletos, Cavite are the “lucky ones” to have a spacious room and folding beds. Many “unlucky ones” are cramped in other evacuation centres. Mario Dimapilis mhm

The Philippines: Taal Volcano Eruption Evacuees in Alfonso, Cavite

The eruption of Taal Volcano near Tagaytay scattered not only volcanic ashes but people as well. Many municipalities situated near the volcano became ghost towns. Their people are now seeking refuge in many municipalities and villages in Alfonso, Cavite, my home town. Since I’m home for the 1st death anniversary of my youngest sister, I’m taking my home visitation to visit and to offer support … Read more

Cameroon: Ongoing Violence in Anglophone Areas

Last week the military left Fundong, passed through Ngwah, clearing the roadblocks, and went to Abuh where a camp of the Amba Boys is situated. Four Amba Boys were killed, several were wounded, and some arrests were made. The military took some of the wounded Boys to the Catholic Health Centre in Ngwah and kept them there. The military continued to Fonfuka [i.e.towards the direction … Read more

Echoes of Day of Prayer for Peace in the World

I hear the echoes in my old recorded melodies – “We need healing, we need peace”! I hear the echoes from the sentimental lyrics lamenting wars – “Peace, Salamu, Shalom! I hear the echoes in the best book I read last year by Sr Emmanuel – “Peace will have the Last Word”! I hear the echoes in the famous abbreviation – JPIC – Justice and … Read more

Violence against Christians: India and Pakistan Ranked among Ten Worst Offenders

Bishop Mascarenhas said Christians in India are known for their “peace-loving nature” and their services in education and health care across the country. “But certain motivated groups target Christians for being messengers of equality, justice, and peace,” he said. The Hindu groups that work towards turning India into an upper caste Hindu hegemony “do not see any space or value” for socially poor Dalit and indigenous … Read more

Hyderabad, India: Priestly Ordination of Four Young Mill Missionaries

On 17th of January, four of our Mill Hill Deacons in India namely Ananta Nayak, Chandra Sekhar, Madhu Babu ( Mariadas), Govinda Rao ( Marianna) were ordained priests at Christ the King parish in Ramanthapur, Hyderabad, by Rt. Rev. Bishop Udumula Bala, The Bishop of Warangal Diocese. His Lordship Bp. U. Bala started the Holy Eucharist expressing words of gratitude to St. Joseph’s Missionary Society … Read more