11th July 2020

Tamanrasset, Algeria: A Prophetic Voice from the Margins

“Many among these (immigrants) are Christians and for them, the Sisters are a source of comfort and spiritual support,” the Church aid organization explains. Sr. Martine explained to ACN leadership that the female Christian presence in Tamanrasset is important, because women can go into the families in the hugely Islam country and thereby have access to all levels of the Muslim population, “particularly the poorest … Read more

Letter from Taizé

Brother Paolo writes: There are now a number of tents dotted over the camping field in Taizé, and at prayer times there are as many “other people” in the church as brothers of the community. This week there are more than 100 meeting participants, mostly from France and Germany. Visitors in the church need to sit on crosses marked with tape on the floor… Although the … Read more

2nd Cycle Formation Centre, Nairobi, Kenya: Blooming under COVID -19 Lockdown

Since the outbreak of Covid-19 at the end of December 2019, all sectors of human life the world over have experienced unprecedented change. After several months of lockdown and so many restrictions, we are getting used to the phrase the ‘new normal’ orchestrated by the coronavirus pandemic. While the race to search for a vaccine goes on, we are told again and again to keep … Read more

From India to The Netherlands: Getting Involved in Reciprocal Mission

Today, Sunday 5th July, Fr Thaddeus de Deckere mhm was officially inducted as ‘parish vicar’ (assistant priest) of a huge pastoral area covering most of the province of Zeeland in the diocese of Breda, The Netherlands. This pastoral area going under the name of ‘Boven de Schelde’ (Above the Scheldt) comprises two parishes with 12 subcentres each covering a number of urban areas, villages and … Read more

Sunday Reflection: The Costly Grace of Interruption

There is another, more costly type of grace that comes with interruption: it forces us to look at things we would often rather not look at, to allow our gaze to linger on what lurks in the shadows. I like the phrase: ‘what the eyes does not see, the heart cannot grieve over’. There is so much we do not see. There is so much … Read more

Our Families: Pope’s Prayer Intention for July

The family ought to be protected. It faces many dangers: the fast pace of life, stress… Sometimes, parents forget to play with their children. The Church needs to encourage families and stay at their side, helping them to discover ways that allow them to overcome all of these difficulties. Let us pray that today’s families may be accompanied with love, respect and guidance, and especially, that they … Read more

Brazil’s Coronavirus Nightmare – How it Got There

There is abundant evidence from other countries that inequality leads to worse outcomes and that strong leadership implementing clear policies works best. Brazil has failed on both counts. The coronavirus has taken advantage of Brazil’s preexisting fractures and inequalities, corroding an already afflicted society. Here, I take a look at how we’ve reached this point. Source: The Conversation Read more

Nairobi, Kenya: The Cry of the Poor

We thank God that he has given us a chance to live and work among the poor slum dwellers of Majengo in Nairobi. They continue to bear witness to the ever present God amidst human suffering. For now I particularly mention them for being reduced to nothing by a blazing fire a week ago. Last Wednesday night (24th June) a fire razed a section of … Read more

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