18th November 2019

Sunday 17 November: World Day of the Poor

Just recently, I came across in this very Church one of my patients who, he wouldn’t mind my saying, is homeless and has quite a lot of both physical and mental health problems. And it happened that he had lain down to rest on one of the benches in this Church. Little did he know that I was the one who would shortly be saying … Read more

Message of Pope Francis for World Day of the Poor

In this World Day of the Poor message, the Pope mentions two people, who in their lives worked tirelessly for the disadvantaged. Quoting Italian priest Father Primo Mazzolari, he says, “the poor are a constant protest against our injustices; the poor are a powder keg. If it is set on fire, the world will explode”. He also recalls the late Jean Vanier saying that, “thanks … Read more

Cardinal Maurice Czerny SJ : ‘Africans Have Abundant Capacities to Meet their Challenges’

During my 8 years in Africa, I learned about Ubuntu, which comprises many virtues that are entirely consistent with the ideals that Jesus expressed in the Beatitudes and that have become the tradition of works of mercy. I also learned about the living links between ourselves, our ancestors and those who are still waiting to be born. I witnessed the power of these and other remarkable … Read more

South Sudan: Bishop Paride Taban, 84 years old, Runs Peace Marathon

“I ran 1 Km, with Barnaba Marial; we were the first group to start. We went up to the point and then afterwards, the others came and started the race,” Bishop Emeritus of South Sudan’s Torit diocese, Paride Taban told ACI Africa, Saturday November 9 after the Fun Marathon at John Garang Mausoleum where he was alongside the Presidential Advisor and Special Envoy, Dr. Barnaba … Read more

November 10 – 17: Third World Day of the Poor

Prior Concert On the eve of the celebration of the 3rd World Day of the Poor, 7,000 needy persons were guests of honor at the third concert “With the Poor and for the Poor,| which took place last Saturday, November 9, in the Vatican’s Paul VI Hall. Maestro Nicola Piovani, winner of an Oscar for the soundtrack of the film “Life is Beautiful,” directed the Italian … Read more

Uganda: Bishops Strongly Condemn Police Brutality

The Uganda Episcopal Conference has condemned police brutality against journalists, opposition leaders and students of Makerere University in the recent protests in Kampala, and urged the government to instead seek to resolve such conflict with dialogue. “We strongly believe that the level of brutality exercised and the amount of force used by some security agents while arresting the demonstrating students of Makerere University, the journalists … Read more

Mamfe, Cameroon: Bishop Andrew Nkea Denounces Kidnappings, Threat

I am addressing this pastoral letter to all of you about some unfortunate recent events that have happened in our Diocese in the last two weeks, especially in the Central Ejagham Area. In the morning of 20th of October. 2019, some unknown Gunmen who claim to be members of the restoration forces of Ambazonia, abducted Rev. Fr. Felix Sunday, a Nigerian aFidei Donum ” Priest … Read more

Cameroon Crisis: ‘Rebel Against Evil’ – Cardinal Christian Tumi

Speaking during a program on Cameroonian state television, Cardinal Christian Tumi also called on Christians to become more involved in politics. “Every Christian is a rebel against all that is not good-that is morally evil. A Christian is a rebel against lies,” Tumi said. “Politics is part of the world and Christ has told us: Go into the whole world and proclaim the Gospel message. … Read more

South Sudan: Pope Francis Prays for Peace, Hopes Visit in 2020

“I address a special thought to the dear people of South Sudan, whom I will have to visit this year,” Pope Francis said Sunday, November 10 during the Angelus at the Vatican, an expression that has been widely interpreted to mean that the Holy Father hopes to visit South Sudan in 2020. “I invite you all to pray together for this country, for which I … Read more