12th July 2020

Uganda: Testimony of a Trappist Monk

Timeline of the Trappist Monastery of Our Lady of Victoria, Uganda. 1956 Foundation of Our Lady of Victory in Songhor (Kenya) at the request of bishop Frederick Hall mhm to Dom Willibrord van Dijk, abbot of the abbey of Koningshoeve, The Netherlands.The founding group is led by Father Pius Drijvers, the first superior. 1958 Relocation to Kipkelion (Kenya) due to drought in Songhor. Relocation takes … Read more

Tamanrasset, Algeria: A Prophetic Voice from the Margins

“Many among these (immigrants) are Christians and for them, the Sisters are a source of comfort and spiritual support,” the Church aid organization explains. Sr. Martine explained to ACN leadership that the female Christian presence in Tamanrasset is important, because women can go into the families in the hugely Islam country and thereby have access to all levels of the Muslim population, “particularly the poorest … Read more

Lampedusa: Key to Understand Francis Papacy

What elevated Lampedusa into iconic status wasn’t just its gripping human drama, but the fact that an electric new pope chose the spot for his first trip outside Rome on July 8, 2013. The visit was just four and a half hours long, but rarely has a mere half-day in the life of a papacy been so replete with both symbolism and substance. Upon his … Read more

DR Congo: Health Zone of Bolomba (Diocese of Basankusu) Registers 8 cases of Ebola

The Ebola virus epidemic continues to rage in Equateur province, where it was declared on June 1. According to the INRB bulletin of Tuesday July 7, 43 positive cases were reported with 18 deaths. After the town of Mbandaka, the epicenter, the epidemic affected four neighboring health zones. These 43 positive Ebola cases are spread across the five health zones affected by the epidemic. These … Read more

Italy/DR Congo: Reciprocal Mission

But Ombeni stressed that he would never say one Catholic community is better than the other, and each has its own riches to share with the universal Church. “I am here to see another way of living in the Church,” he explained. “I know I have a responsibility. I was sent here to share what I learned here with my people.” He underlined the importance … Read more

Bishops from across the Globe Decry Exploitation of Vulnerable Workers by Multinationals

According to the Bishop signatories, big multinational corporations are exploiting their vulnerable workers and, during the pandemic, giving the workers the raw end of the deal that includes cancelling the raw deals at the last minute. “With the outbreak of COVID-19, humanity faces an unprecedented global crisis. In addition to the threat to public health, the economic and social disruption threatens the long-term livelihoods and … Read more

Religious Imagery: Does a Black Jesus Matter?

We began by asking: Does a black Jesus matter? Paraphrasing this, we ask again: Does a Dalit Jesus matter? Or a poor Jesus? Does a Jesus matter who asserts the place of women in his life? Yes, it does. This is what incarnation means — Jesus is a wholly Jewish man, with a brown face and skin, a black body, Mongolian features and a Polynesian … Read more

Elak-Oku, Cameroon: Fr Hermann Gufler MHM Remembered

The Catholic community of Elak-Oku in NW Cameroon came out en masse to remember Fr Hermann Gufler mhm who died on July 1st. Fr Cyprian Taah and Dennis Martin, parish priest, presided at the Eucharistic celebration in his memory. Fr Hermann served at Elak-Oku for more than seventeen years. A pictorial report of a Cameroonian ‘cry-die’. Additional pictures on FLICKr

2nd Cycle Formation Centre, Nairobi, Kenya: Blooming under COVID -19 Lockdown

Since the outbreak of Covid-19 at the end of December 2019, all sectors of human life the world over have experienced unprecedented change. After several months of lockdown and so many restrictions, we are getting used to the phrase the ‘new normal’ orchestrated by the coronavirus pandemic. While the race to search for a vaccine goes on, we are told again and again to keep … Read more

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