22nd February 2020

South Sudan: Reduction in Number of States Significant Step in Peace Process

“After a thorough deliberation on the subject matter and in the interest of peace and stability in the country, the presidency … resolved to return the country to ten (10) States and their previous respective counties; plus three (3) administrative areas,” the statement from South Sudan Presidency dated February 14 seen by ACI Africa reads. Catholic Church leaders who spoke to ACI Africa Saturday, February … Read more

Cameroon: Bishops Comment on Low Turnout and Violence at Recent Local Elections

Meanwhile, the bishops expressed concern about the Anglophone crisis in the north-west and south-west regions of the country. “We regret that four months after the holding of the Major National Dialogue, which proposed solutions for ending the crisis in these regions, we are still not satisfied with the situation in these regions,” they said in their collective statement. The bishops added, “Insecurity persists in spite … Read more

Sudan’s ‘Field Hospital’ Church: The Story of Alfons ter Beke MHM in Juba 7/7

New Year’s greetings with bullets. It looks like a ‘live’ report from the war front, with a Mill Hill missionary as reporter. A message from Alfons ter Beke from Juba in South Sudan, 1989. Paul de Schipper   “I live in a city of 250,000 people, Juba, in South Sudan. The city is surrounded. Soldiers are brought in and out, wounded and dead. Life seems normal here, … Read more

Egyptian Coptic Church Marks 5th Anniversary of 21 Martyrs Beheaded by ISIS in Libya

As the Egyptian Coptic Church marks the 5th anniversary of the 21 Christian men who were beheaded by ISIS on a Libyan beach on February 15, 2015, the mother of two brothers who were among those that were killed by the abductors has said that she is a “mother of martyrs” and exuded confidence that her sons are in heaven, praying for her family. “I’m … Read more

A Closer Look at the Sermon on the Mount

Whatever be its ecclesial provenance, from its content and inner structure Matthew’s Sermon on the Mount is evidently aimed at presenting an authoritative portrait of Christian discipleship. After a description of Jesus’s introductory healing ministry the scene is set in his ascending the hill and solemnly sitting down to address his disciples and the crowd of interested bystanders. In the opening section of his address … Read more

Sudan’s ‘Field Hospital’ Church: The Story of Alfons ter Beke MHM in Umbeddah 6/7

Tragic Accident Journalist Paul de Schipper traveled to Africa for the first time in 1985, ended up in the ‘heart of darkness’ and met a toiling ‘light bulb’: Alfons ter Beke mhm, missionary in Sudan from 1983 to 1998, now retired in Vrijland, The Netherlands . Sitting in a wheelchair. Apparently absent, yet poignantly present: with a smile.  Because still perstistently socially involved. Wierden, The Netherlands, 1989. Alfons ter Beke celebrates the 25-years … Read more

Uganda: First-ever Catholic TV Station Being Tested

“I thank all the Clergy, Religious, our Lay Faithful and all the people of good will who have contributed financially and in other ways towards this project. I greatly appreciate the Social Communications Commission, the staff of Uganda Catholic Secretariat and the technical team that have made this TV a reality,” the Italian Prelate said. He continued, “I thank our various consultants and other stakeholders … Read more

Cameroon: Election Violence in Anglophone Regions – Human Rights Watch

Human Rights Watch interviewed 55 victims and witnesses of crimes committed by armed separatists and government forces since the elections were announced in November 2019, as well as opposition party members, candidates, and other residents of the North-West and South-West Anglophone regions. Human Rights Watch also analyzed satellite imagery and video footage to independently corroborate witness testimony. Clashes between armed separatists and government forces, as well … Read more

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