22nd February 2020

Basankusu, DR Congo: After 39 Years of Loving Service Fr. John Kirwan MHM Bids Farewell

31 march 2019, 4th Sunday of Lent 2019 – “laetare! “ Day of farewell of Fr. John Dermot Kirwan mhm, Missionary to the diocese of Basankusu (1980 – 2019: 39 years) Baringa-Befale-Basankusu-Bonkita-Bishop’s house- St Joseph’s House   Bishop Joseph MOKOBE Ndjoku presided at the Eucharist surrounded by a dozen priests, including the Fr. John Dermot Kirwan mhm and his younger colleague, Fr. Stanislas BONDOKO mhm, … Read more

East Africa: Countering Radicalisation and Extremism

A group founded by Irish missionary priest, Patrick Devine sma, to tackle extremist violence in the tribal lands of Eastern Africa met in early April to deliberate on its interventions in the strife-torn continent. The Shalom Center for Conflict & Resolution & Reconciliation (Shalom-SCCRR) is primarily focused on countering and transforming radicalization and extremism in countries like Kenya, Uganda, and South Sudan. Through Shalom-SCCRR’s conflict transformation and … Read more

Cameroon Crisis: Upsurge of Violence in Njinikom Area

Brother Huub Welters mhm sent this report: Recent social tensions in Njinikom for the last 2 weeks March 20 to April 6  2019 At a time when some people thought the crisis in the English speaking parts of Cameroon was on a decline, tension took new heights in the last two weeks running from to April. There was first a rumour that Government Special Forces had … Read more

Rustenburg, South Africa: Multitudes Attend Final Farewell Fr. John Melhuish MHM

It was a great send off for Fr. John Melhuish mhm. His family were in attendance. The Bishop of Rustenburg led the funeral celebration assisted by the bishop of Kroonstad. The congregation was so large that tents were pitched outside, the whole diocese was present. We shared our life as Mill Hill Missionaries with the symbols of the red sash and the missionary cross. That … Read more

Extraordinary Mission Month: Lenten Preparation 6

A faith that does not go beyond pious words and theological thoughts is dead. Jesus warns disciples who cry “Lord, Lord,”but do not do His Father’s will”. (Mt 7, 21-23) The letter of St. James condemns Christians who “dishonour the poor” and refuse to give them what they need to live. “Faith without works is dead.” (Jm 2) The mission of the Church has always … Read more

Witu, Kenya: Launching out into the Deep

Our visit to Pandanguo in Boni forest. In Kenya, Boni forest is a popular name due to the many stories related to the terrorist group “Al Shaabab” activities that have taken place in that area. The forest is large and extends from Witu right to neighbouring Somalia.  One of the villages in Boni forest is called Pandanguo. That is the village that experienced the latest … Read more

Rwanda 7th April 1994: Remembering an African Holocaust

On 7th April 2008 it will be fourteen years since the genocide took place in Rwanda and left over 800,000 people dead.  At the time, Gilbert Mardai was a Jesuit novice working in a refugee camp near the Rwandan border.  Here he remembers that experience and ponders what we have learned – and what we still have not learned – from the atrocity. Source: Thinkingfaith Read … Read more

Dungu, DR Congo:

This extraordinary woman is the humble heroine of martyred women and orphans rescued from the fighting with the terrorist rebels of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA). Sister Angélique has already rescued more than 2,500 women and children, with the help of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, enabling them to rebuild their lives, overcome the atrocities they have lived through and to escape from … Read more

Pune, India: Eleven Young Mill Hill Missionary Members Ordained to the Diaconate

Eleven new perpetual members were ordained to the ministry of Diaconate at Divine Mercy Parish Church on 30th of March by Rt. Rev. Bp. Thomas Dabre, the Bishop of Poona Diocese. Many of our Mill Hill members along with Fr. Jimmy Lindero, the General Councillor for Asia, were present. The presence of our members was indeed a great source of joy and support to our … Read more

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