5th June 2020

US Race Riots: ‘How Long, O Lord?’ – A Deeply Touching Essay by Black American Jesuit Mario Powell

But how does such change happen? Simply put, these structures will not change until white America—which means individual white Americans—gets close to black and brown people. Until you can smell the stench of sin that we smell, until the smell of that strange fruit fills your nostrils and will not let you inhale the sweet fragrances of the world; until you can see in those nine … Read more

Cincinnati, US: When Carmelite Nuns Enter the Fray

This is how far we have come for Nuns to spray paint words of wisdom. Sean Williams   “Let us pray for unity, justice and mercy, peace, mutual respect, respect and reverence for all life, and to not forget that your neighbor IS your brother and we all belong to one another. Violence begets greater division and more violence… love changes hearts and love changes … Read more

US Race Riots: Lucid Analysis of Root Causes by Black Theologian

My friend Bryan published a very powerful article analyzing deeply the issue of white privilege. He is very articulate as a theologian and knows as a black man what the pain and suffering due to racism means from personal experience. Willem Klaver mhm (photo above left) How did you, how did I, how did we all learn this? No one taught you. No one had … Read more

Statement of US Bishops: ‘Racism is a Life Issue’

Seven U.S. bishop chairmen of committees within the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops have issued a statement in the wake of the death of Mr. George Floyd and the protests which have broken out in Minneapolis and in other cities in the United States. “We are broken-hearted, sickened, and outraged to watch another video of an African American man being killed before our very eyes. … Read more

Bl Charles de Foucauld and Marie-Pauline Jaricot, Foundress of Pontifical Mission Societies, to be Canonised

(Charles de Foucauld) was deeply respectful of the faiths and cultures he lived among. During his 13 years in the Saraha he learned about Tuareg culture and language, compiling a Tuareg-French dictionary, and being a “brother” to the people. The priest said he wanted to “shout the Gospel with his life” and to conduct himself so that people would ask, “if such is the servant, what … Read more

Thy Kingdom Come: Adore

We expect there must be something that can separate us from the love of God. But God is saying, ‘I don’t care where you are, what you’re doing, how far away you are: my love for you will not change.’ Sometimes we think that God’s love is dependent on the way we act. But God is saying, ‘Listen, not even the heights of this earth … Read more

Interview Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle: Passion for Mission

By emphasizing that mission is a gift of the Holy Spirit, Pope Francis is leading us back to some fundamental truths like: faith in God is a gift from God Himself; the Kingdom of God is inaugurated and fulfilled by God; the Church is God’s creation; the Church awakens to its mission, proclaims the Gospel and goes to the ends of the earth because the … Read more

Laudato Si’ Year: 24 May 2020 – 24 May 2021

After praying the Regina Coeli on Sunday, Pope Francis recalled the fifth anniversary of his encyclical ‘Laudato Si’ On the Care for our Common Home.’ He said the document sought to “call attention to the cry of the Earth and of the poor.” The Pope then invited everyone to take part in the Laudato Si’ Year, which is promoted by the Dicastery for Promoting Integral … Read more

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