18th November 2019

Iloilo, Philippines: Mill Hill Missionaries Family Night

The Mill Hill Missionaries in the Philippines celebrated the annual (last November 15, 2019) Family Night in our Formation House in Iloilo. It was attended by the families of our students and Friends of Mill Hill. There were religious sisters as well in attendance. Apart from sumptuous foods, the students prepared and showed their talents as well in singing, dancing and acting. The friends of … Read more

Mill Hill Missionary Formation, Pune, India: Perpetual Oath and Diaconate Ordination

On the evening of Friday, 15th of November, in the chapel of our 2nd Cycle Formation Centre – Pune, Blas John Garde Estrevencion took the Perpetual Oath committing himself to missionary apostolate for life in the presence of Fr. Des McGillicuddy, the Vicar General and General Councillor of our Society. There were other Mill Hill priests present who are working in various formation centres. A … Read more

Sunday 17 November: World Day of the Poor

Just recently, I came across in this very Church one of my patients who, he wouldn’t mind my saying, is homeless and has quite a lot of both physical and mental health problems. And it happened that he had lain down to rest on one of the benches in this Church. Little did he know that I was the one who would shortly be saying … Read more

Message of Pope Francis for World Day of the Poor

In this World Day of the Poor message, the Pope mentions two people, who in their lives worked tirelessly for the disadvantaged. Quoting Italian priest Father Primo Mazzolari, he says, “the poor are a constant protest against our injustices; the poor are a powder keg. If it is set on fire, the world will explode”. He also recalls the late Jean Vanier saying that, “thanks … Read more

India: Hindu Devotees of Christ

Thousands of Hindus in India, particularly in and around the Hindu holy city of Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh state, have accepted Christ as their guru without receiving baptism or other sacraments. Known as Khristu Bhaktas or Devotees of Christ, they maintain their Hindu culture, festivals and live along with their Hindu brethren. Their faith is expressed when they regularly join others for Satgang (prayer meetings) and … Read more

Philippines: Promoting a Culture of Dialogue as a Path to Peace

To mark the Year of Ecumenism, Interreligious Dialogue and Indigenous Peoples in 2020, the Catholic Church has unveiled a new logo and theme for the celebration. According to the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines, the special year aims to celebrate “the human fraternity by promoting the culture of dialogue as a path to peace”. It also aims “to work for unity and harmony while … Read more

Cambodia: Celebrating the Water Festival

Tonight we witnessed the floating candle ceremony in Siem Reap. Candles are lit in little boats made of lotus flowers (Loy Pratip) and are set afloat down the river. The place is very crowded as people come from different villages and take part in the merry making. There are riverside markets, street food stalls, live music concerts, traditional performances and games on the riverbank and … Read more

November 10 – 17: Third World Day of the Poor

Prior Concert On the eve of the celebration of the 3rd World Day of the Poor, 7,000 needy persons were guests of honor at the third concert “With the Poor and for the Poor,| which took place last Saturday, November 9, in the Vatican’s Paul VI Hall. Maestro Nicola Piovani, winner of an Oscar for the soundtrack of the film “Life is Beautiful,” directed the Italian … Read more