17th February 2020

Pope’s Prayer Intention for April: For Medical Personnel in Conflict Zones

The presence of doctors, nurses, and other health care workers in war-torn areas is a sign of hope. They are wise, valiant, and good-hearted people who, following their vocation, work under extremely dangerous conditions. Let us pray for doctors and their humanitarian collaborators in war-torn areas, who risk their lives to save the lives of others.

Middle East: ‘The Crisis in Syria Has Only Just Begun’

The crisis in Syria is not over yet; let’s say that it has just begun.” Father Ibrahim Alsabagh, past of the church of St Francis in Aleppo, said a few days ago. “Even if the missiles have stopped falling on us in Aleppo, we know for sure that emigration still continues. The main reason, stronger than all the terrible circumstances facing the country, is the … Read more

Lenten Meditation – Richard Rohr: All Great Spirituality is about Letting Go

Acceptance   All great spirituality is about letting go. Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection show us how to win by losing. In fact, this “Path of Descent” could be called the metanarrative of the Bible. It is so obvious, consistent, and constant that it’s hidden in plain sight. Christianity has overlooked this overwhelmingly obvious message by focusing on other things. Why did that happen? How … Read more

Beirut, Lebanon: Taizé Brings Together Young People from Middle East and Europe

The spirit of Taizé with its deep spirituality and its wide horizon which goes beyond confessional borders apparently falls on fertile soil in Lebanon. “I love the idea to bring people together”, Johny, a young Greek-Orthodox Lebanese said. “We are an open-minded generation. And I love the idea of Taizé to first trust in people and be open to them.” The Taizé community has had … Read more

Sargodha District, Pakistan: Caritas Distributes Beehives

  Yaqoob Masih is the first Christian beekeeper in his remote village in Pakistan’s Punjab province. Born and raised among farmers, laborers and owners of small tuck shops, Masih was searching for a way to provide for his family after his father passed away. “I was only six months old when he died in an accident. My mother raised seven kids by working as a housemaid … Read more

Pune, India: Eleven Mill Hill Students of Theology Make Missionary Commitment

The Perpetual Oath ceremony of 11 Candidates in Pune took place on 29th of March in the presence of Fr. Jimmy Lindero, the General Councillor for Asia. It was graced also by the presence of our five indian students’ parents from various parts of India. The parish priest of Divine Mercy Church who also happens to be the V.G. of Poona Diocese where we live … Read more

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