6th April 2020

TRUST – A light-hearted take on Pope Francis’ important Urbi et Orbi meditation.  

        TRUST                                (Mk 4,38) Off we go. All aboard ! All agreed, of one accord. See how the fishermen have scored; All big and little fish still stored, Some to eat and some to hoard – Hard work’s happy just reward. Don’t leave the Lord! With him around, our hopes have soared But soon, and not to be ignored, A huge storm came and raged and … Read more

Psalm 151 in a time of Coronavirus

What if the psalmist were alive in the age of COVID-19? How would his lamentations speak to the times? This is a question a group of choral singers have tried to answer – with tongue firmly implanted in cheek – in a YouTube video that has gone viral in Britain: “O Lord, to whom ǀ hygiene be longeth: Hear the cry of thy servants when … Read more

Liverpool, U.K. : New Digital Tools Show Mind Boggling Scale of Slave Trade

Liverpool council’s decision in January 2020 to contextualise streets named after slave traders shed important light on the town’s infamous history as one of the world’s largest slave trading ports. Between 1696 and 1807 – when Britain abolished its slave trade – Liverpool merchants forcibly transported a phenomenal 1.3 million enslaved Africans across the Atlantic. Of these men, women, and children, 180,000 perished on the deadly Middle Passage – … Read more

Catholics in Scotland Come to the Aid of Victims of Sexual Violence in DR Congo

In 2010, Margot Wallstrom, the UN’s special representative on sexual violence in conflict, called the DR Congo the “rape capital of the world.” This Lent, Catholics in Scotland are being asked to help the victims of sexual violence in the Congo through the Wee Box campaign sponsored by the Scottish Catholic International Aid Fund (SCIAF). ……………….. During the Feb. 26 launch of the Wee Box campaign … Read more

Mount St Bernard Abbey, U.K.: Film ‘Outside the City’ Documents Life in Monastery

Hamer said: “I’ve been working on this film for four years now. I first heard about the monastery during the filming of my previous documentary Dear Albert which is about recovery from addiction, as many local addicts attend the abbey for spiritual retreats. I found the abbey such an interesting place and I knew I had to explore the idea of making a film there.” … Read more

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