18th November 2019

Father Joseph Burton RIP

It is with regret that we inform you of the death at approximately 2 a.m. on Friday morning, 8th November 2019 in Southport Hospital, aged 92, of         Father Joseph Burton Mill Hill Missionary May he rest in peace Joseph was born on 18 January 1927 in Newbottle, County Durham, in the Diocese of Hexham and Newcastle. His father Alfred, a journeyman – butcher, was married … Read more

Film: ‘Sorry We Missed You’ – Gripping Indictment of the Modern Gig Economy

The film focuses on husband Ricky Turner played by Kris Hitchen, who takes a job as a van delivery driver. The job is deemed to be self-employed but with little freedom and harsh penalties for taking time off, even to respond to family emergencies. We see the pressure of meeting delivery targets where basic human needs such as even going to the toilet are ignored. … Read more

Mission Sunday, Cookham, GB: Promoting Mission through Art

Mill Hill Missionaries Brian Oswald and Thaddeus de Deckere, both resident at Maidenhead, hit upon an original way of celebrating and promoting ‘Mission’ during this month of October, the Extraordinary Mission Month: an exhibition of artworks created by Brian in support of the Grihini Girls Project initiated by Thaddeus. An impression of an ‘Extraordinary Mission Art Weekend’. EAST TO WEST An exhibition of art from … Read more

St John Henry Newman: Archbishop of Canterbury’s Sermon at Thanksgiving Vespers

The care for salvation, the passion for truth, the desire for holiness, are apparent and more apparent than the weaknesses. If we want perfection in saints, give up. There are no perfect saints, but we have as witnesses to our struggles the great crowd of witnesses who are sanctified not by their own efforts, but by a particular openness to grace, an unusual, utterly entrancing … Read more

The Day, Month and Year of Mission in Song and Dance

Here are some long digested yet amateur lyrics of song and dance that I conjured for the Extraordinary Month of Mission and Mission Sunday in relation to Missio and Mill Hill, which I gladly participate in. It has been a long struggle to fine tune the vocals and the instruments, let alone the dancing and editing.  Emmanuel Mbeh mhm   Mission to the East, Mission … Read more

Prince Charles on St John Henry Newman

At a time when faith was being questioned as never before, Newman, one of the greatest theologians of the nineteenth century, applied his intellect to one of the most pressing questions of our era: what should be the relationship of faith to a sceptical, secular age? His engagement first with Anglican theology, and then, after his conversion, Catholic theology, impressed even his opponents with its … Read more

Cardinal Newman: A Saint for our Time

Newman is a very modern saint. He lived in the 19th century, the age of rationalism, the age of Darwin and Marx – an age he understood deeply. His writings help people to have faith at a time when it is difficult to believe in God, such as now. His book The Idea of a University continues to be a reference work for tertiary educational institutions, and his vision … Read more

Global Caring: A ‘Laudato Si’ Themed Film Released by the Catholic Bishops of England and Wales

Following the success of last year’s free film resource ‘Global Healing’, the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales has commissioned a new film titled ‘Global Caring: Living in harmony with God’s Creation’. ‘Global Caring’ works as a stand-alone or companion volume to ‘Global Healing’ and is intended to introduce parish groups and individuals to Pope Francis’ teaching in Laudato Si’: On care for our … Read more


I was visiting the Arnhem War Cemetery, twenty minutes’ walk from our house in Oosterbeek, on 21 Sept 2019. There are hundreds upon hundreds of graves of young soldiers, mainly British, victims of the 1944 Operation Market Garden and its airborne landings. The neat rows of headstones, the big Cross and the monument: “Their name liveth for evermore”, lead to sad reflections and prayer. 1523 … Read more