17th February 2020

A Week at the Cistercian Monastery of Orval (Belgium)

Orval  Founded in 1070 by monks who came all the way from Italy the Cistercian monastery at Orval in the Ardennes region of Belgium has known dramatic ups and downs, fervency and decay, during the course of its long history. Gutted by a fire in 1252, sacked and burnt in 1793 by the French revolutionary army it was entirely rebuilt and re-established in 1936. The … Read more

Cameroon: Celebrating Golden Jubilarian Arnold Verhoeven MHM

Fr Arnold Verhoeven MHM  Celebrates Golden Jubilee Of Missionary Priesthood On Friday June 28, 2019, the entire Mill Hill formation community together with some members of the Friends of Mill Hill Cameroon, from St. John the Baptist Parish, Foncha Street, thronged into the Mill Hill Formation Chapel to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of  Fr. Arnold Verhoeven.  Mass started at 11 am, celebrated by the Golden … Read more

Cameroon: Glowing Tribute to Golden Jubilarian Fr Arnold (Nol) Verhoeven MHM

Golden Jubilee! Golden Missionary! 50 in the Hood! “You will declare this fiftieth year sacred and proclaim the liberation of all the inhabitants of the land. The fiftieth year is to be a jubilee for you: you will not sow, you will not harvest the ungathered corn, you will not gather from the untrimmed vine. The jubilee is to be a Holy thing to you, … Read more

The Netherlands: Catholics and the Rise of Populism

In 2017, Pope Francis cautioned against populism in an address to European heads of government: “Forms of populism are instead the fruit of an egotism that hems people in and prevents them from overcoming and ‘looking beyond’ their own narrow vision,” the pope told EU leaders on March 24. Yet many Catholics, in the Netherlands as well, vote for populist parties all the same. Why … Read more

The Netherlands: Jubilees at St Jozefhuis and Missiehuis Vrijland

This weekend we kicked off the Jubilee season with celebrations in St Jozefhuis and Missiehuis Vrijland. Piet van Leeuwen (60), Wim van Gastel (60), Henk Riesthuis (60) and Otto Perfler (50) were the celebrants in St Jozefhuis. In Missiehuis Vrijland Arie Braak (50) celebrated with fellow residents Cees van Zanten (diocesan)(65)  and Sisters Gabriel Dijkman ocso (60) and Alberica Verleun ocso (65) Heartfelt Congratulations to … Read more

Way of the Cross

This year, 2019, it is 100 years since the 14 Stations of the Cross created by the well known Dutch artist Jan Toorop were exhibited for the first time to the parishioners of the St. Bernulphus Church in Oosterbeek, The Netherlands. This fact was joyfully celebrated on Palm Sunday, April 14th, when the organising committee announced a raft of activities to mark this centenary year. … Read more

Dutch Jesuit Priest Murdered Five Years Ago in Syria, May be Beatified

Father Frans was a remarkable man of peace and reconciliation. It was thanks to him that our community sheltered Christian and Muslim families, exemplifying the unity in the country. He succeeded in making our house an oasis that flowered in a world of violence and destruction. As a priest and psychoanalyst, he listened to others as a fellow human being. He was concerned about helping … Read more

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