6th April 2020

‘The New Testament was written entirely by Jews’ – Nicholas King SJ

I conclude that every word of the 27 documents that this extraordinary library that is the New Testament contains was written by good Jews, and that it is unfounded, even perverse, to call it ‘anti-Jewish’. We must however confess, to our shame, that Christians, as well as Jews, have often read the New Testament in this way, with catastrophic results. No religion that peddles hatred … Read more

Cri de Coeur

Yes, that is the title of my new painting: cry of the heart, the person who screams in painful longing for the sun because it threatens to be obscured by a black cloud (coronavirus). Humanity caught (red lines) in this situation. The Rainbow Snake emerges from the blue lake (life) and begins to expel or eat the black cloud. The dark cloud also threatens nature … Read more

The Current Corona Crisis: A Gateway into a Deeper Experience of Jesus’ Passion?

Every time is a time of grace. Even during the current corona crisis, God has not turned off his grace tap. What special grace would He give us during Holy Week this year? The Holy Week celebrations are all delights. We love these refined liturgies. They forge Christian community. Over the centuries, they have been polished and enriched with symbols, songs and gestures. They can … Read more

A Guide to Isolation and Social Distancing from Those who Know

These online resources are offered to help people live through the coronavirus pandemic. Their special quality is that they don’t come from theories; they all come from those with experience of social distancing or isolation, people who have lived this reality either intentionally like monks and nuns or against their will like hostages or the housebound. This is a new and difficult journey for most … Read more

Spiritual Communion: ‘The Fountain of Living Water’ – A Poem by St John of the Cross

There are, of course, a great number of stories which could be recalled in this context. But the story which, for me, most stands out is the story of the imprisonment of the Carmelite poet and mystic St John of the Cross. Captured and taken from his priory, John was forced to live in appalling conditions, beaten regularly, and almost starved to death. He appealed … Read more

April 4th: St Benedict the African

Laybrother. Born in Sicily in 1526, of African slave parents, St Benedict was freed by his owner at a young age. When he was 21 some Franciscan hermits saw him being publicly insulted because of his colour. They were impressed by the dignified and patient way he endured being taunted, and invited to join their group. In time he became their leader. When the group … Read more

Corona: Entering into our Own Passion

One of the cruellest aspects of the Coronavirus pandemic seems to be that, at a time when the consolation of human contact is needed by so many more than ever, it is the very thing that we are asked to forego. What form can love take when deprived of its touch, its immediacy, its flesh and bones? How do I still respond compassionately and humanely … Read more

A Prayer in Times of Self-Isolation: ‘I’m Staying at Home, Lord’

This beautiful prayer was written by an Italian priest who is self-isolating at the moment and very sadly lost his own brother a few days ago to Covid-19…   I’m staying at home, Lord! I’m staying at home, Lord! And today, I realise, you taught me this, remaining obedient to the Father, for thirty years in the house of Nazareth, waiting for the great mission. … Read more

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