18th November 2019

All Saints or Halloween? A Young Mill Hill Missionary Ponders

All Hallows day: A day for Exultation of Evil Spirits or the Saints? A question for any practicing Catholic. All Hallows or all Saints day in our generation has become one of most popular celebrations depending on where you are from 31st October to 2nd November. Last year I happened to be in Europe, more precisely in Ireland, on these days. A few weeks before … Read more

Fr Declan O’Toole Memorial Fellowship

The Embassy of Ireland in Uganda is launching a new Fellowship from 2020/2021 in memory of Fr Declan O’Toole, who was killed in tragic circumstances in March 2002 in Kotido, Karamoja sub-district. The purpose of this fellowship is to support capacity building and skills development amongst Karamojong working in local Government and civil society in Karamoja, in sectors of particular relevance to the Irish Embassy … Read more

Ireland: Marking the Beginning of the Season of Creation.

“Dear God To the melting ice cap Make us pay heed, And to the great polar bear Who is in dire need, Make us study our actions And what wrath they may bring, As we begin our deliberations With the onset of spring. Make us look to the sky Over-burdened with cloud, And listen to the clamor Growing ever so loud. And take note of … Read more

Father John Courtney RIP

It is with regret that we inform you of the death on Friday morning 23 August 2019, in Dublin, aged 73, of   Father John Courtney Mill Hill Missionary May he rest in peace   John was born on 29 March 1946 in Boheshill, Glencar, in the parish of Glenbeigh, County Kerry, Ireland. His father, after whom John was named, was a farmer and was married to Brigid … Read more

Father David Whelan RIP

It is with regret that we inform you of the death on Saturday morning 3rd August 2019, in Queen’s Court Hospice, Southport, aged 89, of    Father David   Whelan Mill Hill Missionary May he rest in peace David was born on 24 April 1930 in Warrington in the Archdiocese of Liverpool, England. His father, who was a caretaker, was married to Louise (née Shepherd). He had … Read more

Mill Hill Missionaries Ireland: Four Jubilees and Two Funerals

On the 14th July the Mill Hill Missionaries in Ireland together with four Jubilarians and their guests gathered at St. Joseph’s House to mark the jubilees of their ordinations.  Kevin O’Rourke celebrated his 60th anniversary and celebrating their 50th were Matty Grier, Tom McGrath and Tony Mailey.  Fr. Tony Mailey, who is a Jubilarian classmate but now incardinated in the Diocese of Derry, was delighted … Read more