Corona-Time: An Artist’s Impression

This new painting is called Corona-time. It is the result of having plenty of time at home, where I paint a few hours every day. I try to explain the meaning.There is the road of life of a person and his home (middle bottom). It is wintertime: snowflakes and bare trees. It is snowing and raining (the vertical lines). It is dark, the black lines with the stars. There is corona infection going round, the purple dots.There is hope on the horizon: the sun will come back, right corner.

The Dreamtimesnake has woken up from the water (bue lines) where he was sleeping and brings new life to the lonely person (blue circle, right corner). So that’s the message, my dear friends, better times are ahead, keep hope. Greetings and all good wishes, specially to all those who are suffering because of the corona-troubles and also to those in Sarawak who are suffering because of the floods.

Ben Engelbertink mhm

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