Coronation: The Poetic Imagination

(Tradition and Transcendence, Bending to and Guided by Theocracy)

It is corrupting to think of loyalty to Royalty and Majesty for loyalties.
It is typical of Gen X, Y, Z like the swinging sixties
Or similar fashionable previous generations of revolting tendencies,
To delight in disloyalty especially to the Royalty with or without loyalties.
It is the ultramontanes, the traditionalists that savour and treasure the royal tendencies.

Conformity or not, uniformity or not, Tradition or not,
Royalty and loyalty as with the recent UK colourful Coronations provoke the taste to Theocracy,
Of Theology, of Liturgy and of God’s Kingdom Values.

I come not to be served but to serve!
The most renowned and conspicuous religious ceremony, apart from papal ceremonies
The world has even seen in decades – an invitation and an inspiration to traditional and political ceremonies.

If leadership and power and authority is not willed and guided and inspired by God,
It is not worth it!

Oh the richness of symbolism in the Coronation of the King and the Queen!
Oh the sweetness of power and regalia for stewardship and servant leadership!

What if all civic, traditional, academic, technological or political authorities took similar oaths?
What if idolatry, occultism, paganism or political obsessions emulate this sacred and scripture-soaked Coronation!
What if the admiration of Royalty and majesty and the sweet yoke of loyalty were a pull for all?
What if all funerals, coronations, ordinations, oaths or enthronements were all religious, scriptural, liturgical, theological?
What if the fascination of royalty and loyalty transforms each of us to be loyal, cooperate and emulate
The adornment, celebrations, concerts, parties, voluntary services and caring initiatives?

For, are we not all kings, priests and prophets – just like servants, princes and slaves?
Are we not all created in the image and likeness of God –
Beloved children of God, heirs and coheirs like Christ?
Are we not all a Chosen race, a royal priesthood, a consecrated nation, a people set apart to sing the praises of Him who called us out of darkness into His own wonderful light?

Do not the saints and martyrs and Scriptures teach us obedience to the King
And to all authorities for the sake of the Lord of lords and King of Kings –
To whom all authority and sovereignties must bow or submit?

Is not royalty a grace and a virtue like obedience, humility and humiliation to all humanity?
Are loyalties like disloyalty or dissension not deceptive or diabolical?

Should not God the King of kings save the King?
Should not all subjects vow respect and collaboration with him to wield Justice and mercy
To all subjects, humanity, creation especially with the cry of creation and the poor and the underprivileged?
So God save the King from idolatry, dissent and division.

King or queen! Not royal and not loyal or nobodies!  
We are not all born to serve and born to suffer! Born to celebrate and born to die!
Lest we forget – it’s all catholic, it started out Catholic – it’s all ecumenical!

                                                                                    Emmanuel Mbeh, May 2023.

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