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Coronavirus: The Crucial Link between Air Travel and Spread of Infections

For more than two months we have been consumed by daily death counts and the latest news from Italy, Spain, France and the US. We are aware that China claims to have almost stamped out domestic transmission. The more well-read can talk about contact tracing in South Korea and Taiwan, and the possibility that Australia and New Zealand may set up a COVID-19-free travel zone. Some have wondered why we aren’t hearing about the people in the global south who are the usual far-away victims of epidemics.

Early hopes that warmer climates might mitigate SARS-CoV-2 have been largely overturned by counter-examples, such as Singapore where warm weather and rapid spread coincide. This coronavirus is new, so pre-existing immunity in some regions is not a factor either.

There are two reasons why we have not been reading more about the epidemic in the global south. First, it is occurring later there. And second, we are not paying attention.

Source: The Conversation

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