Diocesan Directors of Missio from Four Continents Meet in Rome

Twenty four participants from four continents came together for a four-day course for Diocesan Directors at CIAM’s centre (Centro Internazionale
di Animazione Missionaria)  in Rome 24-28 Sept. 

The course was designed to further participants’ knowledge of the workings of Missio, The Holy Chidhood, St Peter the Apostle and Pontifical Missionary Union and the founders and founding of each of the societies.

Fr Dinh Anh Nhuh Nguhen, secretary General of PMU and director of CIAM steered us through the four days of reflection, tours of Propaganda Fide offices assisted by Fr Tony Chantry, director of Missio UK, and Sister Roberta Tremarelli, secretary General of The Holy Chidhood.

We were privileged to make visits to libraries and archives of the offices of the Propagation of the Faith as well as a number of seminaries and institutes of further learning.

An eye opening and captivating experience giving time enough to visit St Peter’s Basilica and to take in the usual religious sites in Rome’s Capital.

We have been truly inspired to honour Pope Francis’s theme for World Mission Month: “Hearts on Fire, Feet on the Move” as we return to our respective ministries in the four continents from which we came as we rejoin world Christians to evangelise a broken world. 

Eddie Slawinski MHM

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