Dotpainting – Light in the Darkness

There is a hidden meaning in this painting which needs explanation. The meaning gradually developed when I was painting myself, born between the two rivers (Dinkel and Regge, top and bottom blue lines), becoming a member of Mill Hill (the red lines left and right, sign of the sash or girdle of a Mill Hill Missionary), arriving at the Iban (the ukir or Iban-painting in the middle), surrounded by the Dreamtimesnake of Australia and the Yinyang of Japan.
Then I saw the meaning: this Iban-ukir (portrait) sits in a rockhole, a grotto, and sees so many wonderful things passing by. It is you or me resembling the prophet sitting on mount Horeb, seeing God passing by, not in a storm, not in the lightning, but in the soft breeze. (1 Kings 19). And there are stars to give us light in the darkness…….
Ben Engelbertink mhm

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