18th November 2019

Douala, Cameroon: Inauguration of a New Initiative of the Mill Hill Missionaries

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Fr Placide Elia mhm sent this brief report of the inauguration of a new initiative of the Mill Hill Missionaries in Douala, Cameroon. After a period of ‘getting the smell of the sheep’ in various locations in the archdiocese of Douala the Mill Hill team has now taken up its new missionary assignment.

‘It is good to be here’… said Peter.

Fr. Innocent Akum mhm and myself have been here in the Archdiocese of Douala for about a year to familiarize ourselves with the system of the diocese. Two weeks ago we received an official letter from the diocese assigning us to our new parish in Bojongo. This parish is situated in Bonaberi, close to Douala.

Since Monday 19th of this month Fr. Innocent and I have been celebrating Mass here. The number of the Christians here is increasing at every Mass. So far we have been receiving a number of people, friends and some of our fellow Mill Hill missionaries who are passing by to visit us, which is one our source of encouragement.

Last Sunday we had our official opening Eucharist as a Parish here in Bojongo. We had two Masses as people suggested and the attendance was really encouraging. So far we have put ourselves at manual work. At the moment we are three in the community: Fr. Innocent as the Parish Priest, Brother Clement who is a student on mission experience (MEP) and myself.

Placide Elia mhm

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  1. New wine… skins. Let go. Let grow. Godbless this new undertaking with Innocent, Placide and Clement. General Superior

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