Douala, Cameroon: Sharing Stories in a Time of Corona

Oh ok, we know that we are facing a difficult moment in world history. And we are invaded by fear from all corners, but for us Christians we are to bring hope to people. And the best way we can do that, is by praying for the situation to end and pass on information which can instill fear in the people if we don’t have the full information and from the correct source. Let us become ambassadors of hope to the world. Let us encourage others to stay at home and pray for the best to come soon.

I wish to start a campaign, which is to look at the other side of the coin. If you wish to join me on this please share with me your story which can encourage others to face this difficult time. We know that we are facing many problems. Apart from corona people are suffering from many other problems like hunger, floods, landslides, sexual abuse, domestic violence, insecurity, many other sicknesses like HIV aids, and many others you can think of from your own experience. The world has forgotten all these and now we focus solely on corona.

Do we know that focusing on self-preservation can prevent us from many things around us? If you’re happy being at home, try to become creative and you will find what you can do.

This time is not only a time one has to feel bored at home but a time you have to discover what you able to do. Some of our parents used to spend most of their time outside to provide for us their children, for our well-being but now it is the time to sit down with us and let us all enjoy the fruits of your work.

Let us now focus on the other side of the coin. Stay at home and see how the Lord will now take control of your life, to be the driver who can lead you in a safe direction. If you are overtaken by fear can you go back to your old pictures, your old stories you used to share with others, the journeys you used to make, etc. Can’t you see that the hand of the Lord has been taking care of your ever since? And now why are you still overtaken by the fear that Lord will not make it this time to take care of you? Do not let fear kill you before corona itself may. My dear friends, I know that the sickness exists, but fear has over taken us more than the sickness itself.

Just to help you know that you are overtaken by the fear; since this corona has reached in your country and is in your city, how many times do you remember that you have really have a sincere smile from your heart? Have you ever thought that this pandemic will end one day and it will end without killing every one? And why can’t you believe that you might be among those who will survive? Have faith, have courage, and be hopeful that all shall be well.

I am here to keep encouraging you in that belief that all shall be well. Here is a bit of advice: reduce the number of times you watch the TV especially of the cases of corona, reduce the times you  google to search for updates on corona. And try your best to relax, to read if you can, to watch, and to play indoors, and chat with others.

I am waiting for your stories which can encourage others at this moment. You can either share with us your stories, pictures, image, photos or anything which can help others to be encouraged by your story. This is the first article but we wish to continue this campaign of encouraging the world at this time. Be blessed, be happy and trust in Lord all shall be well.

Ndeko Sango Placide Elia mhm.


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