DR Congo: 60 Years Independent

” We knew the ironies, the insults, the shots we had to suffer morning, noon and evening, because we were niggas.” Patrice Lumumba!
Currently, we suffer in the hands of our own leaders, the Congolese.
On awareness: Happy Independence Day to all my Congolese brothers and sisters.
Patrick Lonkoy Bolengu mhm


Indépendance cha-cha, tozoui e
Oh! Kimpwanza cha-cha, tubakidi
Oh! Table Ronde cha-cha, ba gagné o
Oh! Dipanda cha-cha tozoui e.
(Independence, cha-cha, we’ve won it
Oh! Independence cha-cha, we’ve achieved it
Oh! The round table cha-cha, we’ve pulled it off
Oh! Independence, cha-cha, we’ve won it.)

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