DR Congo: A Joyful Community

On the fifth Sunday of Easter, I was fortunate to celebrate the Eucharist together with our two brothers, deacons Jean-Louis Lekandome and Frederick Botaka, in one of our poorest communities. As a visitor you may wonder where you are going when visiting this community. Similarly, on arrival you may start asking too many questions concerning the place after seeing it, since many of our Christians so not all are underprivileged and the structure of the Church is too poor. But the living conditions of these people do not prevent them from expressing the “Joy of the Gospel”. God is above all.

It was a great day as well for our two deacons as they served their first Mass in DRC after becoming deacons. One of them baptised a few children in this community. They were moved by the joy they experienced from these Christians.

We welcome deacons Jean-Louis and Frederick and wish them well as they continue their preparation here in Kinshasa before they proceed to Basankusu for their actual ordination on Sunday 24th July.

May God bless and protect them

Patrick Lonkoy Bolengu, MHM

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