DR Congo: Experiencing the Joy of the Gospel

One day, a Christian asked me: “In spite of the challenges and hardships you face in mission, what makes you always happy when you are  with Christians?” I feel it is the same question I often ask myself.

Sometimes, after riding a motorbike for 80km to celebrate Mass in our last mission station I often feel too tired and exhausted. However, once I see the people, I see their commitment, their faith, their lives’ conditions,  I feel energised.

This is the same feeling I had when I visited youths of the last parish of our deanery (220km from Kinshasa town) for two days. After spending hours on the road and being rained on, I was extremely happy to find youths still dancing and waiting for us up to 11pm the time we arrived.

Let us continue guiding and praying for our young people.

Patrick Lonkoy MHM

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