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DR Congo: Exploring New Area of Mill Hill Missionary Involvement in Archdiocese of Kinshasa

My Visit to Bita and Nga Sub-Parishes, 

After the Covid-19 had shut down the world, which led every country in the world to impose entry restrictions, I was finally able to travel to Kinshasa on the 16th July 2020. Before proceeding to Basankusu, for my ordination, I visited two sub-parishes in the Archdiocese of Kinshasa namely Saint Antoine Marie Zaccaria in Nga and St. Francis in Bita in the company of Fr. Otto Bambokela mhm, Fr. Marius Tapang mhm, together with Fr. Michel Gérard (the Director of the Office of Pastoral Placements). These sub-parishes are earmarked to become the focus of our Mill Hill Missionary involvement in the Congolese capital.

We celebrated Sunday Mass in the presence of a hundred parishioners and then held a meeting in Nga. The parishioners were very happy to learn that there is a congregation which is coming to serve them. We were informed that, the new parish would be made up from several sub-parishes from different surrounding parishes. These consist of the sub-centres of Bita, Nga , Marie chaste, Kingakati, Kinsia, Mato, Bikana and Nzakimuena and the villages located between these sub-parishes.

My impression is that the new parish is situated in a very remote area, however, it is our  charism, to serve those who are in greatest need. We ask for your prayers as we immerse ourselves in the pastoral ministry among these people. 

Fr Lonkoy Patrick Bolengu mhm

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