DR Congo: Government Appoints Cardinal Fridolin Ambongo to Oversee Solidarity Fund against Covid-19

The statement from the office of President Tshisekedi further reads, “By placing men of God in the management of the FNSCC and members of civil society, Félix Tshisekedi expects that the 80 million Congolese will find satisfaction in the management of those who are supposed to preach by example.”

For President Tshisekedi, appointing Church leaders at the helm of the Solidarity Fund “is a question of guaranteeing transparency in management, traceability of assistance operations, and control of all donations intended for the response to COVID-19 throughout the national territory.”

Catholic Bishops in DRC have welcomed the appointment saying, “This is a social service that has been requested of the Church through the Cardinal. We can only be proud of it.”

Source: ACIAfrica

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