DR Congo: Logo and Motto of Prospective Papal Visit – ‘All Reconciled in Jesus Christ’

Vatican officials explain the symbolism of the logo that “features a map of the African country with the contours in the design displaying the colors of the flag.”

“The map also has graphics showing the earth’s biodiversity and has an open border to the west as a sign of the warm welcome given to this great event and the fruits it will bear,” Vatican officials say in the March 14 report.

They note that the colors of the flag display yellow, “symbolizing the richness of the Democratic Republic of Congo with its fauna and flora, terrestrial and subterranean.”

“The red color on the eastern border represents the blood shed by the martyrs in that area. The blue color on the northern border expresses the ardent desire for peace among the Congolese people,” the Vatican officials say.

On the left side of the logo, they explain, “a blue cross reflects the devotion of the Congolese people to the Virgin Mary, the Madonna of Congo, who carries and supports the prayers of the whole nation to Christ the Redeemer.”

“The three persons represented are a symbol of fraternity: men and women, adults and children, united in one collage, expressing this wish for unity that can only be God’s Gift,” officials of the Vatican say.

Source: ACIAfrica

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