DR Congo: Passionate Appeal to end violence

The Cardinal spoke emphatically about the danger of “Balkanisation”, or the division of the country into smaller states.

“I believe that the Congolese nation is in danger,” he said. “With the resurgence of conflicts in the east, especially with the M23, we [the Congolese bishops] now have the clear conviction that there are external forces that really want to break our country up into small states.”

He noted that, in response to this danger, the Congolese bishops recently released a letter appealing for national unity, one which had received an encouraging response.

“I am particularly happy to note that last Sunday, in all the dioceses of the country, in all the big cities, there were demonstrations not only by Catholics, but also by Protestants, and all men and women of good will, who responded to the call of the bishops.”

“We hope that this march will bear fruit and bring people to their senses.”

Source: Vatican News

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