DR Congo: Six Issues Bishops Want Addressed

They call on Congolese citizens to “peacefully resist the balkanization of our country, depopulation and occupation of the land through national cohesion and the refusal of treason, favoring the surge of patriotism alongside our Armed Forces.”

The Bishops also express their concerns about gross human right abuses in the Central African nation saying, “The impetus for freedom of expression and public demonstration, enthusiastically welcomed by our population, is on a standstill.”

They claim that “certain political parties are taking the place of state services and undermining not only public order but also human dignity and respect for human rights.”

As a way forward, the Bishops “demand that our Government make a formal request for the establishment of a Special Criminal Court for the DR Congo to prosecute those allegedly responsible, both internal and external, for the thousands of deaths and victims of the massive human rights violations.”

“DR Congo is our land, our ‘blessed gift,’ our inalienable heritage, and we must not allow it to be taken away,” they add.


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