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DR Congo: The Effects of Covid-19

The Central African nation has recorded at least 9,538 COVID-19 cases, 8,421 recoveries and 225 related deaths.

Stay put till corona is finished

“Imagine living in a country where everything is imported from outside, now, there is nothing coming in,” CAFOD’s Country Director in DRC, Bernard Balibuno has been quoted as saying in a report published Thursday, August 13.

The official continues in reference to the situation in DRC “where people live on a daily basis so the women or the men need to go out and earn one dollar or two dollars to eat that day.”

Imagine living “in a country where the markets need to open every day so people can survive; in a country where you need to pay for your healthcare in cash,” Mr. Balibuno says about DRC and adds, “We are seeing some very, very serious poverty issues here.”

“Yes, coronavirus is killing people, but the consequences of coronavirus will even kill more people,” he says.

Source: ACIAfrica

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