DR Congo: ‘The Power of Women’ – a Book by Nobel Laureate Dr Denis Mukwege

This book for me can maybe raise the intimidation and maybe attempts on my life, but I think that it’s something that, for me, it’s just this feeling that I should do it. I have to do it. Because it’s a way to, also, to talk to the world about what is happening in my country. What is happening for women of Congo. And it’s not only for women of Congo because I traveled around the world…I was in Iraq, I was in Colombia, I was in Kosovo, and I can see that it’s a big risk for me to write this book. But it’s also a way to just bring more people to understand.

I hope that more people read this book and understand that we all have a responsibility. Everyone can do something to make this world better for women. And everyone can ask themselves a question: ‘What am I doing myself to make this world better?’ As we can see everywhere today, women are not safe…For me, it’s a responsibility to write this book even if I know that it can just create more intimidation and more attempts on my life. But I think that it’s very important that everyone can understand that I have a responsibility to stop what is happening in the world when it comes to the way people are seeing women as weak, as inferior, that they can treat them as they want…This book is just a way to bring justice.

Source: oprahdaily.com

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