East Africa: Challenges in Discernment of Vocation to Religious Life

Presenting online to about 200 participants drawn from all over the world, Sr. Auma said that the abandonment of Consecrated life worries, affirming that “some leave as an act of coherence, because they recognize after serious discernment that they never had this vocation. We find quite often situations of an intermittent dedication, occasional fidelity, a selective obedience which is perhaps a symptom of a watered down and mediocre life, devoid of meaning.

She adds that sometimes, we find behavioural tendencies and occasions of scandal arising which are hurtful and raise serious questions about the formation journey. She therefore calls on all the Religious to rethink formation in order to design formation programs that are more transformative rather than merely informative.

She further encourages Religious women to follow all stages of formation by giving it a multi-dimensional approach.

“Formation is to be based on a Christian understanding of human nature; understood as, beings created in in the image and likeness of God, wounded by sin and renewed by grace, called to universal fellowship and fraternity, immersed in history and society, graced with a particular vocation that unfolds progressively in conscious and free response to the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

Source: AMECEA

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