East Africa: Floods on Top of Coronavirus and Malaria

“The rains have destroyed key infrastructure restricting access to schools and health facilities and follow a period of prolonged drought. The rains are severely disrupting the current planting season and destroying crop fields. The number of people affected is expected to increase as heavy rains continue through May in the region,” Bunkers told Crux.

Authorities are saying 194 Kenyans have been killed so far by the flooding. In Rwanda, 65 people have been confirmed dead, while the current count in Somalia is estimated at 16. In Uganda, at least 200 patients have been trapped inside a hospital by high water levels.

Vital infrastructure has also been destroyed and swathes of agricultural land washed away. Meteorologists in Kenya have told the BBC that “the heavier than usual rains will continue throughout May, implying there could be more deaths in the future.

Source: CRUX

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