East Africa: Tweeting with God – Kutwiti na Mungu

Speaking to ACI Africa Monday, May 29 on the sidelines of the presentation of the Swahili version of the book “Kutwiti na Mungu” in Kenya, Fr. Michel Remery said the publication provides readers “with the basics about faith in God based on what the Bible and the Catholic Church teach.”

“Kutwiti na Mungu contains 200 questions, which are answered on a double page. So, every double page in the book answers one single question and gives a lot of arguments why this is important for your faith and also gives you a tweet or post that summarizes the answer,” Fr. Remery said.

The Dutch-born Catholic Priest said the book “can serve as a basis for group discussions or for a deepening of belief after a formal study of the faith. It can also help you to explain your faith to others.”

“The questions in this book are real questions from young people. The answers are formulated as they would be when talking with young people; they are not scholarly or exhaustive. The questions are grouped in the book around global topics to make them easier to find,” he said about the book that was originally published in Dutch in 2012.

Source: ACIAfrica

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