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Echoes of Day of Prayer for Peace in the World

I hear the echoes in my old recorded melodies – “We need healing, we need peace”!

I hear the echoes from the sentimental lyrics lamenting wars – “Peace, Salamu, Shalom!

I hear the echoes in the best book I read last year by Sr Emmanuel – “Peace will have the Last Word”!

I hear the echoes in the famous abbreviation – JPIC – Justice and Pace, Integrity of Creation!

What an indispensable echo and cry; a lament and an exhortation for peace in DR Congo, Iran, Hongkong, Ukraine, Syria, Sudan, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Somalia, Libya and in every country, parish, family and heart!

It is/was Peace Sunday in England and Wales, the Second Sunday of the Year in Ordinary Time. “Pax Christi, the Catholic International Movement for Peace, provides resources to amplify the World Peace Day Message of Pope Francis, supporting parishes to celebrate and re-energize the work of peace….. The theme  for 2020 is “Peace as a journey of Hope: Dialogue, Reconciliation and Ecological Conversion”… Pax Christi is committed to nonviolence and to the Pope’s challenge to “set aside every act of  violence in thought, word and deed, whether against our neighbours or against God’s creation”… Prayer: O God of peace, who are peace itself, and whom a spirit of discord cannot grasp, nor a violent mind receive, grant that those who are one in heart may persevere in what is good and that those in conflict may forget evil and so be healed.”

Emmanuel Mbeh

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