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Ecumenical Community of Grandchamp – Contemplative Journey towards Unity

Each sister, Sister Anne Emmanuelle explains, has to leave the specificities of her Church to enter into the dimension of the community of Grandchamp, and she noted that this journey invariably evokes all the richness of the universal Church that emerges from this unity.

“We all humbly advance on the path of Christ’s love,” and so must work to fulfil this verse of St. John, the theme of this year’s celebration, she says, explaining that it is “a difficult verse, because there are inner struggles pulling us apart.”

But reiterating the sisters’ commitment and inviting all believers to “set out on this journey,” Sister Anne-Emmanuelle said the meditations have been prepared in a spirit of reconciliation among Christians, based on the experience and wisdom of the sisters’ contemplative life.

Source: Vatican News

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Caption to picture above:

“Imagine a circle drawn on the ground, that is, a line drawn in a circle with a compass, and a center. Imagine that the circle is the world, the center is God, and the rays are the different ways or ways in which people live. When the saints, who want to draw near to God, walk towards the center of the circle, as they penetrate the interior of the circle, they draw closer together; and the closer they get together, the closer they get to God. Understand that the same is true when we turn away from God and withdraw outwardly. It then becomes apparent that the more we turn away from God, the more we turn away from one another, and the more we turn away from one another, the more we turn away from God”.

Dorotheus of Gaza – 6th century Palestine

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