Epiphany – A Reflection

Although foretold in the prophecies, the reality of all people – Jew and Gentile – being welcomed together to worship God and receive his divine favor was earth-shattering. It was a move beyond human expectation. God’s blessings were formerly reserved to Israel, but now they are open to all. Such a shift was the most universal, multicultural, diverse, tolerant, inclusive, thoroughly catholic act in human history. In one move, the Hebrew, Greek, Roman, and every other culture on earth, found a shared home in the covenant of Jesus Christ.

It was a novelty to think that everyone – all tongues, tribes, and peoples – could dwell together in peace. Until this radical inclusion, people were defined by their geographical or cultural associations. In the new covenant, however, all men and women would come together and be true brothers and sisters to one another.

Source: CRUXNow

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