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Easter Poem: Not Just Another Lazarus


Leading up to  Passover,
Lazarus was brought back to life,
To a mortal life,
To be wondered at or plotted against,
But, sooner or later, to die again.

But then,
 Flowing on, at Easter,
Jesus was brought back to Life,
To immortal Life,
To be wondered at……..
But different: The same One in another way.

Chosen witnesses were visited
 And helped to recognise their Lord,
Their transformed friend
That they all adored. 

But, He appears like a gardener,
Doesn’t unlock the door,
Seems ignorant on the way to Emmaus,
A stranger on the Galilean shore.

Magdalen Mary is not weak and confused,
The Apostles in the room not overcome,
Cleopas (and his wife?) not dim,
The Apostles on the lake not dumb.

They were presented with a new reality,
Opened by signs:
‘Mary!’, ‘Peace! See my wounds’ (repeat),
 Scripture and the sacred ‘Breaking of the Bread’;
 ‘Cast your nets and come and eat’.

The message, to be passed on:
He was Killed, and how!
But Rose then, is Risen now;
He is alive, with us always;
And cannot die again.

John D Kirwan mhm

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