Europe and North America Cluster Meeting

The regionals and society representatives for our missions in Europe and North America gathered at the generalate, Maidenhead, UK, for the annual cluster meeting. This being the first meeting after the Chapter it was an opportunity to hear how each mission area is living out the Chapter 2022 mandate and recommendations.

The new mission ventures in the British region and North American area are part of a bigger story in discerning new ways of evangelisation in a secularised society. Many of our members living in these home regions continue to give a witness of love and service in local churches that are at times caught up in self-preservation.

The centrality of mission was reiterated in any plan for consolidation, expansion, property rationalisation and prudent use of our resources. Our reason for being is mission and this is more than ever needed in the global North as Pope Francis constantly reminds us, “The mission of the Christian in the world is a mission for all, a mission of service, which excludes no one; it requires great generosity and in particular the gaze and heart turned heavenward to invoke the Lord’s help.”

Philip Adede MHM, General Councillor

Back: Andreas Agreiter, Philip O’Halloran, Philip Adede, Dermot Byrne, Michael Corcoran, Willem Klaver Front: Bernie Luna, Gerry Hastie, Ben Engelbertink

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