12th July 2020

The Day, Month and Year of Mission in Song and Dance

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Here are some long digested yet amateur lyrics of song and dance that I conjured for the Extraordinary Month of Mission and Mission Sunday in relation to Missio and Mill Hill, which I gladly participate in.

It has been a long struggle to fine tune the vocals and the instruments, let alone the dancing and editing. 

Emmanuel Mbeh mhm


Mission to the East, Mission to the West, Mission to the North, Mission to the South.

  1. We are putting together our resources, to send out to the missions.
  2. We are behind the Holy Father, to carry out the mission, of Jesus Christ the Lord.
  3. It is the month of Mission, this is the day of Mission, it’s always the year of Mission.
  4. Come one, come all, join us, to share in our mission, mission to the needy.
  5. There are souls to rescue, there are lives to save, mission to the poor.
  6. Our benevolence is vital, give what you have, to participate in our mission.

Mission to the East, Mission to the South, Mission to the West, Mission to the North.



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