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Extraordinary Mission Month: Mission and Missionary Sentiments

(October 2019 Extraordinary Month of Mission remembered and replayed)

This time last year I rolled out this amateur audio and sentiments:


  • We are putting together our resources to send out to the missions!
  • We are behind the Holy Father to carry out the mission of Jesus Christ the Lord!
  • It is the month of mission, this is the day of mission, it’s always the year of Mission!
  • Come one come all join us to share in our mission, the mission to the needy!
  • There are souls to rescue, there are lives to save, mission to the poor!
  • Our benevolence is vital, give what you have, to participate in our mission!

“A personal encounter with Christ Jesus living in the Church… Listening to testimonies of missionary witnesses, men and women, saints and martyrs in history… Missionary formation for each one of us – biblical, catechetical, spiritual, theological… Time for renewed missionary charity, selfless love, lived solidarity with the poor and the suffering – God’s love visible through us… The Church is missionary by nature, Evangelization is the Church’s deepest identity… The Church must walk the same path as Jesus, the path of poverty and obedience, the path of service and self sacrifice, of suffering, death and resurrection…. Never lose hope, continue to believe always in spite of everything… Hope opens up new horizons, making us capable of dreaming what is not imaginable.” (Pope Francis).

Other songs not yet rolled out from the album include:

  • MOTHER MARY – HAIL MARIA: (You are daughter of God the Father, you the mother of God the Son, you are the bride of God the Spirit, you are the highest honour of our race. Oh come to the throne of grace, O come to the heart most pure, to Mary our hope of life, in whom salvation is sure. Teach us holy mother how to conquer every sin, how to love and help each other, how to win the price of life.  Mother of Jesus/mercy/graces/blessings/virgins/mothers and my mother!).
  • COME BE A MISSIONARY WITH US TAKE A REDBOX, come be a missionary with us with your prayers. “Offer up”” your sufferings as sacrifice. Give through gift aid or leave a legacy. Mission Together for children with children, helping children around the world – come be a missionary with us, take a red box, come be a missionary with us, with your prayers.
  • WELCOME AND BRING US GOOD NEWS. How lovely on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news. (translation from  my dialect). Welcome and bring us the same! Be happy despite tribulations everywhere. Because Jesus is all and all for us. We gather in His name to pray to Him to bless us and send us goodness and peace. (Lord I am your donkey, your horse, ride on me and in my heart to carry you and bring you and distribute you to the needy!)
  • L’HOMME GENTIL – Tribute to Fr James Nielen, mhm and our grandfathers in faith and charity.  (help me to help the poor, like St Vincent de Paul, St Camilus, Pope Francis. The Lord hears the cry of the poor.
  • THE EMPTINESS IN EACH ONE OF US. There is an emptiness, a restlessness, a wound inside each one of us.  No matter how whole/strong/healthy/holy/clean there brokenness, a powerlessness, a sickness, a sinfulness, a messiness in each one of us.  And so we need a savior to heal the wound, the calm the storm, fill the emptiness.  Lord Jesus we believe that you can save us, Lord Jesus I believe that you are present here.
  • EVERYONE KNOWS HOW IT FEELS – BAD INSIDE. (translation). Pray for me St Joseph, patron of the universal Church, protect me; because everyone does feel wretched inside – Even Jesus, even Mary; it is a cause for us to kneel and pray, to stand and pray, not to boast, not to show strength or power, intelligence or eloquence, beauty or elegance.
  • EUCHARISTIC JESUS – Body and blood of our Saviour, His flesh as true food, his blood as true drink! O sacrum convivium In quo Christus sumitur: Recolitur memoria passionis ejus: Mens impletur gratia Et futurae gloriae Nobis pignus datur.  There is a King here, prince here, a priest, here, a chief here, a fon here, a power here, a mystery. He is Jesus Christ, that’s why we have come.  O Sacrament most Holy, O Sacrament Divine… My Lord and My God!


Emmanuel Mbeh, 2020.

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