Farewell Fr Ben Den Boer Portuguese speaking Community Amsterdam

Last Sunday we celebrated Fr Ben de Boer’s farewell party in the Portuguese-speaking Community of Nossa Senhora de Fatima parish in Amsterdam. It was also the first time for me to meet my parishioners again. There were many familiar faces, but also many new unknown faces. Ben first had a Eucharistic celebration in Dutch and just after 11 o’clock we started the celebration in Portuguese.

The people were saddened that Ben had to leave the parish for health reasons, as he had announced himself.

After the celebration there was food and drink for everyone. Great to see this community life of our migrants A farewell speech was given commemorating their gratitude for his presence over the past eight years.

It was nice that the diocese has arranged for a priest of the Spiritans to replace him. His name is Fr Clement from Ghana and he is also a missionary. He worked in Angola for 7 years and now in the Netherlands for 5 years. He speaks both languages fairly fluently, although he apologized for his Portuguese.

It was a nice farewell and soon, from December 1, we hope to welcome Ben den Boer in our Jozefhuis.

Jac Hetsen MHM

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