Feast of St Joseph: An Invocation


(St Joseph, protector, defender, no weakling)

An honorary title for service to a monarch, church, or country especially in a military capacity – knight!

That which refers to the divine… exalted or worthy of complete devotion as one perfect in goodness or righteousness… very religious and pure – holy!

O glorious Saint Joseph, Dr Scott Hahn calls you a silent knight, a holy night, who, unlike him who as spoken and written thousands of words, talks, papers and books, has accomplished what he only accomplishes in minute fractions!

O glorious Saint Joseph, a sharp contrast to many loud speakers in every sense of the word!

O glorious saint Joseph, a man of prayer, dreams and actions with few or no words in contrast to all orators!

O glorious saint Joseph, the man of absolute abstinence and chastity from speeches or hyperactivity!

O glorious saint Joseph, how diligent, treasured, treasuring, and contemplating like Mary, Immanuel, the Divine Mysterious presence amid the tragedies and dramas of everyday life!

O silent, holy knight, how I burn with anger at those who terrorise others with words or deeds; or with the media, roast and demonise those who speech less, least or nil in the face of evil or tragedy!

O glorious saint Joseph, silent knight, holy knight, terror of demons, defend the Church, the families, the vulnerable from the legion of verbal, hyper, dictatorial, complacent, fixer terrorists within and without, who must speak, correct, question or criticise!

O Silent Knight, O Holy Knight, help us to speak less, to conquer sin, to love and serve – help us to bear and bring the Christ, to and from Egypt!

O Saint Joseph, I/we cannot be like you or other saints; but you can intervene in my/our lives, you can appear to me/us today, this year; you can guide me/us in this life and especially at death.  You can inspire and prompt me as to what to do, when to speak, when to be silent, how to be and work quietly as a humble knight, missionary and caretaker of Christ in the world.

Thank you for inspiring, sustaining and protecting us through many obstacles, trials, and the current pandemic!

(Emmanuel Mbeh)

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