5th June 2020

Film: ‘Sorry We Missed You’ – Gripping Indictment of the Modern Gig Economy

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The film focuses on husband Ricky Turner played by Kris Hitchen, who takes a job as a van delivery driver. The job is deemed to be self-employed but with little freedom and harsh penalties for taking time off, even to respond to family emergencies. We see the pressure of meeting delivery targets where basic human needs such as even going to the toilet are ignored. We also see the mum, Abbie Turner, played by Debbie Honeywood, caring for a number of isolated vulnerable people with a variety of needs. The gentleness and sensitive attentiveness shown to people who are fragile and vulnerable provides some of the most tender and humane scenes I have seen in cinema.

The film does not want to simply highlight the extreme and demanding realities of Ricky’s and Abbie’s jobs but also the corrosive affect it has on family life. Seb, played by Rhys Jones, and Lisa Jane, played by Katie Proctor, are seen to be having to cope and adapt to the damaging impact the jobs have on their parents and their relationship with each other. The strains, tensions and violence expressed within the family highlight the damaging implications of extreme and heartless working conditions.

Source: ICN

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