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Five Tips for Participation in Live Streaming Celebrations on Internet

For several days, Facebook seems to have become one big liturgical space. Worldwide, all possible celebrations and prayer moments are streamed. Sometimes clumsy, often really enjoyable.

A journalist asked me what I thought of there being no celebrations in Holy Week this year. I replied that there will be celebrations. However, most faithful will not be physically present. The Internet will allow them to participate in a different and for many new and uncomfortable way.

The social media that we often curse now turns out to be a blessing. Digital has long ceased to be virtual. Digital is real. Now we discover that this also applies to the experience of faith.

Quite a few people feel uncomfortable with this sudden evolution. Here you have five tips to fully participate in a celebration via the internet.

  1. Consciously choose the celebration in which you are going to participate. Don’t let this depend on chance. This way you can prepare yourself mentally.
  2. Pay attention to the environment. If this helps, light a candle, place a cross, Bible or icon near the device. If you are accustomed to using a missal or other prayer book, do it now. Avoid coffee or cake. You don’t do that in church either.
  3. Use earphones or headphones. Good sound quality promotes concentration. The larger the screen, the better you can follow the celebration. Close the other windows on your device, especially email, WhatsApp and the like that will quickly take you out of your concentration.
  4. Make arrangements with your housemates. That promotes peace. Maybe you will follow the celebration together.
  5. Say the prayers aloud, like in church. That’s not silly.

Nikolaas Sintobin SJ

Source: In alle dingen

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