1. What a beautiful and inspiring tribute to Allelui! A true missionary at heart. As a little boy in my village at Isebania, in former Kisii Diocese, I grew up hearing of this legendary Missionary Priest! It was later when I was in Rakwaro minor seminary that I met him together with other MHMs serving in Kisii at the time …Many years later after my ordination as a Mill Hill man, I met Adolf at our guest house in Nairobi, what a great Missionary and a great example of loving service in his 50 plus of Missionary ministry!
    Thanks Alex for sharing the brief documentary and tribute to Alleluia!
    Wishing Adolf an enjoyable and rejuvenating retirement in Bressanone- Brixen.
    Hongera Mzee- Mogaka- umefanya kazi nzuri- Mungu akubariki!- R. Njoro

  2. Well done Alex. A wonderful tribute to Adolf. He has given a good example of service at the grassroots, keeping an open attitude to the people and having that deep sense of enjoying the daily happenings around him in Kisii and amongst the Coastal peoples of Kenya. GS

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