Fr Christy Fox MHM Remembered

A talented author, Fr Christy wrote three books: ‘Painted Butterflies: Memories of a Missionary’ (2015), ‘Our Lady’s Apron: A collection of articles on spiritual topics’ (2016) and ‘The Miracle of the Universe’ (2021).

In one article from Mission Today, he discussed the miracle of a close and personal relationship with God, observing:

‘Modern research is revealing new wonders of the vast universe of which we are part. The fact that I can have a relationship with the Divine Creator of it all, whom I can call Abba, Father, is almost incredible. Scripture tells us that He has carved my name on the palm of His hand. I can only respond with love, adoration and thanksgiving’.

A tribute from Missio says: “Throughout his long life of service, Fr Christy was passionate about mission, the power of prayer and the good that the Church could do in the world, often without being particularly acknowledged.

Source: ICN

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