Fr. John A. Kaiser MHM Memorial Day

Today, 24th August 2022, is the 22 memorial day of the violent death of John A.Kaiser, Mill Hill Missionary.

“If I die, let it be, but let people be given their rights.” John Kaiser.

The victims of Moi and the KANU regime have never been given justice. These include those who were assassinated, murdered, tortured, detained without trial, exiled, and those whose lives were destroyed. Neither Moi, not his regime, ever faced justice or paid for these crimes. Only a credible truth commission and effective prosecutions can bring justice to the victims. Those responsible, or their estates, must be called to account through lustration, compensation, or stiff prison sentences. A society that forgives — and forgets — such abominations is bound to keep on committing them. (Kenya Human Rights Commission

Fr. Kaiser’s lifeless body was found lying next to a shotgun with a wound on the back of his head on the morning of August 24, 2000 along Kenya’s Nakuru-Nairobi highway, near his place of ministry.

The native of Minnesota in the U.S. was killed five months after he had been awarded the Law Society of Kenya annual Human Rights Award for being “a study in courage, determination and sacrifice on behalf of the weak, oppressed and downtrodden.”

Born on November 23, 1932, Fr. Kaiser had been ordained a Mill Hill Priest in 1964 and commissioned to Kenya.

At the request of Catholic Bishops in Kenya following his death, the Kenyan government opened an inquest into his death, which ended on June 12, 2007 after hearing from 111 witnesses. 

The presiding Magistrate, ruled on August 1, 2007 that Fr. Kaiser was murdered, and that the “suicide theory” that had been floated by the Kenyan government and FBI was based on pre-conceived notion. 

The Magistrate further stated that she could not, on the basis of evidence tabled before her in the inquest, point out with certainty who Fr. Kaiser’s killers were. 

Source: ACIAfrica

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