Fr John Sweeney MHM: A Glowing Tribute from Uganda

Dr Pellegrino Kibuuka, a senior alumnus and past headteacher of Namilyango College, was a student at the school during the early years of Fr Sweeney’s tenure.

“When I was a student at Namilyango, in 1966-67, the school was manned by the Mill Hill Fathers and Fr John Sweeney was one of the members of staff then. He was also the chaplain of the school. Later, when I became the headmaster of the school in 1986, I again found him there and I got the privilege of working with him. He was still a member of staff and also, the representative of the Mill Hill Fathers.” he said.

“He was at Namilyango from 1965 to 1989. He subsequently moved to Jinja Diocese, where he worked until he retired and went back to Europe. The fraternity of Namilyango College will always remember him for his enormous contribution to sports and academics. He was a wonderful tennis player. He was also an influential teacher of Christian Religious Education. He was a typical Scottish cleric who maintained the expected European behaviour.”

Source: New Vision

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