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Fr Michael Mandagiri MHM Shares Experiences of Mission

Fr Michael is clearly committed to his ministry and to his new-found community in Malaysia. But he also touchingly reminded us that missionaries leave their homes and families to ignite God’s love throughout the world. When asked what he missed from home, he told us:

‘Mostly my family, and then the food! A good curry from home! Now the technology is better at least I can communicate somewhat with family, but I can’t get a good Indian curry here!’

Fr Michael spoke fondly of the family he misses back in India and explained how his parents and sister have shaped and helped him in his mission. He shared:

‘When I am afraid or feeling shy, I think of my childhood. My father prayed the Rosary every day and I prayed it with him. I still pray the Rosary every day.

Before she died in 2003 my mother held my hand and said “Michael, if you are to become a Priest, become a good Priest”. Those were her last words to me’.

Source: Missio

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