Francis Xavier (1506 – 1552)

He is made from “the rawest raw material he had ever worked with.” – Ignatius of Loyola

Excerpt from letter from India:

Entire tribes do not come into contact with Christ here for the simple reason that no one is ready for the sacred task of telling them about it. Often I have panted with desire to rush into the European universities, and rant frantically there against those who have more learning than the willingness to put it to good use.

I would like to make them understand how many people do not know about heaven and remain unhappy because of their negligence. They should not only study the sciences but also keep in mind the purpose for which God has bestowed upon them these talents.

Surely then they would devote themselves much more to their prayer life; they would get to know God more closely and give him a place in their lives; they would weigh all the inclinations in their lives and know how to choose the right, and they would cry, ‘Lord, here I am. What do you want me to do? Send me anywhere you want, even to India!’ With how much more joy in their hearts would they then live…”

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