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Fundong, Cameroon: Catholic Youth Day


A week after celebrating the great event of the parish – the golden jubilee – the young people full of life gathered at St James mission station Meli for their 2021 parish youth rally from the 19th to the 21 November guided by the theme: DO NOT LET PEOPLE DISREGARD YOU BECAUSE YOU ARE YOUNG BUT BE EXEMPLARY IN YOUR LOVE, FAITH AND PURITY. Cfr 1 Tim 4:12.

On Friday 19th November 2021, about 200 young people from all over the parish answered present in Meli for this great event in their lives. Despite the challenge of security that our area is going through, the youth responded in a large numbers.

On Saturday 20th, Rev Fr Guylain officiated at the opening mass for the rally during which he invited the young people to be true children of the resurrection in their faithfulness to God by way of love and charity. To constantly seek the right course in life. Thereafter, he continued with the first talk of the rally which was built on the theme as drawn from 1 Tim 4:12.

For an hour thirty minutes, he made pertinent-clarion calls and rhetoric exhortation to the young people of Fundong who gathered in Meli to be exemplary young people in their communities, various groups, schools, workshops and homes. To denounce the intimidation from the socio-political scene in Cameroon and from the social media. To build a strong self-esteem to squarely fit in society and to shun undermining themselves as young but to appreciate their giftedness and consider a positive approach to life. He further challenged the young people by asserting that they are the expectations of the old to hold the future. For this reason, they should never be discouraged by the societal dictums which come to them because they are young.

Then came the second talk from two young people on youth leadership and responsibility in sustaining the faith. In their presentation, Miss Shapeline and Miss Annabel articulated the concept of leadership in the mind of the secular world and the mind of the church. A leader according to them, is one who leads and like Christ lays down his life for the flock. He is a strategic planner and a man of vision who democratically and in consultation with his people strives to achieve the goals of the group. They further added that a good leader has focus, determination, ability and in his humility portrays a sense of knowledgeability about his duties which he is conscious of.

Furthermore, they called the young people to be good leaders even in their families in the manner of their sacrifice since a good leader must sacrifice for his own. Conscious of our duties as leaders, we need to be responsible for those duties as a means to sustaining our faith, to avoid depending on others for our faith, to be creative in our youthfulness. To this, they further opined that, youth leaders should be goal setters in the society.

A debate on can the youth blame the society for who they are? closely followed the presentation on leadership.

In the evening of Saturday, there was a colorful display of their youthfulness through the socio-cultural activities from the various mission stations. A Bible quiz was equally contested this day from the book of Genesis 1-10.

On Sunday 21st, it was Christ the King Feast Day. The youth in their youthfulness in a beautiful animation processed round the village of Meli singing songs and acclaiming Christ as the Universal King. This was done after Holy Mass, the awarding of prices and listening to  speeches.

By way of conclusion, the youth rally of St Jude’s Parish Fundong was a great and memorable day. And in the words of pope Francis, Christ was alive among the youth during this rally.


By Tatah Roland

 MEP Student.

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