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Funeral and Burial of Fr. Nico Schipper MHM

After 29 years of loving service to the people of Pakistan, especially in Hyderabad Diocese, it was a moving experience to pay the last respect to Fr. Nico Schipper mhm who was laid to rest on 14th Dec 2020.

The mass presided over by Bishop Samson Shukardin of the Catholic Diocese of Hyderabad at St. Francis Xaxier Cathedral was well attended by priests, sisters, brothers and a good number of faithful from different areas within Hyderabad. This was also live streamed through the communication department, which enabled the family members of Nico, other Mill Hill families and friends to follow the event. 

After the mass, the journey headed to Matli where Nico spent many years in reaching out to the Parkari Kholi and Punjabi communities. The burial of Nico there in the Christian colony both appropriate and consoling to the people. 

The zeal, simplicity, and courage of Nico will always remain as his hallmark of total dedication to his loving service. 

We continue to pray for the family members of Nico and the whole Mill Hill family that received this shocking news of the demise of Nico. We are also grateful for the prayers and condolences received. 

Fr. Zachaeus Okoth Adet, MHM

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  1. Thanks to modern technology, I was able to follow the funeral mass and burial at Hyderabad and Matli.
    Good to see our Mill Hillers supporting each other at this very difficult time. In contact with Columban, Fr. David Kenneally in Dalgan, who worked in Sindh, two words that have come across strongly in the past few days are simplicity and integrity. May the good work begun by Nico alomost 30yrs ago in Sindh, continue in generations to come. General Superior

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